UP Baguio CRS Pre-Enlistment
Please read the instructions before proceeding.

You are about to enter the CRS Online pre-enlistment. Please make sure you have the following information:

  1. Your nine (9) digit Student Number. (e.g. 1999-61040)

  2. Your web password.

  3. The list of courses you want to enlist in with the class codes, course numbers, and sections.

Please be careful in entering the information requested in each step. ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK your entries before pressing the Save button in the pre-enlistment form.

After logging out, it is strongly recommended that you login again to ensure that your preenlistment form has been properly saved. At the same time check your entries one more time for possible errors.

Processing of pre-enlistment requests is NOT done on a first come first served basis but on a randomized prioritization. Nevertheless, you are advised to pre-enlist early to avoid the rush.

You may now log in to submit your pre-enlistment forms.

CRS Pre-Enlistment Log in
  Student No.: - (e.g. 1998-22445)
  Web Password:

Important: DO NOT DISCLOSE YOUR WEB PASSWORD TO ANYONE. This will ensure that all information sent through the internet using your web password come just from you and are, therefore, correct.
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